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Types of inspections

What is evaluated in a Home or Condo Inspection?


Fox Inspections provides a thorough inspection and detailed report using the national INACHI standards of practice with inspections including;






TERMITE/WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) Inspections start at $85.00 and are performed by one of Brevard’s most experienced inspectors.

Sorry, we do not offer a $99.95 inspection. The cost of an inspection will depend upon the property’s total square footage, the age and type of construction as well as any other requested services.

Typically the starting prices are as follows:

Condominiums $175.00

Average 3BR/2BA Home with WDO $375.00 

3000 SQ FT with pool+ WDO  $475.00

Add on 4-POINT $25.00

Add on Wind Mitigation $75.00

Conducted by a specially trained and completely objective inspector, Fox Inspections provides a full analysis of the property's condition such as identifying non-functioning systems, damaged building components, safety issues and the quality of many installations. These inspections are not appraisals or municipal inspections, which verify code compliance, but they are descriptions of the property's current condition and indication of what may need repair or replacement. Please call for more information and exact pricing for your inspection needs and be sure the utilities are on for the inspection. 



Is my home inspection an insurance inspection? 

No, the home inspection is for your benefit and describes the condition of all aspects of your home. The insurance carrier may ask for a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a 4 POINT Inspection or a Roof Condition Certification Form or all 3. 

Following the natural disasters of 2005 and failure of many insurance companies, the insurance industry has demanded some of these types of inspections to minimize their risk. Prior to April 2010, the Wind Mitigation Inspection form could have saved the home owner hundreds in premiums. No longer are most of these savings available with the new form and construction verification requirements. 

A 4-POINT Inspection is a description and evaluation of the Electrical, HVAC, ROOF and PLUMBING, for homes over 25 years old in a format accepted by the insurance company. Preferably with no defects, most of the time corrections are needed and re-inspected for a (good) 4 POINT report for the inspection company. Older homes are generally built well, but may have unsafe electrical or other defects requiring correction before Insurance can be obtained.

A Roof Condition Certification Form may be requested on older homes with older roofs. This form is used to verify the roof covering will last at least 3-5 years. If your inspection reveals a new roof covering is needed, your coverage may be denied or limited until replaced.



How do you know if you have mold in your home? There are many ways that mold can grow, and they are all based on moisture (water). Moisture can come from many different sources: a pipe leak, water intrusion from a rain storm, condensation (water that collects as droplets on a cold surface when it is in contact with humid air), and/or high relative humidity.

Mold growth is based on water activity.  Water activity is the amount of water available in a given material on which mold can grow. There are different water requirements that allow various mold types to thrive. Some molds need high amounts of water to grow, and then there are others that can grow with very little moisture, such as in high relative humidity. Some molds can even grow based only on a relative humidity as low as 60%. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggest ideal levels of relative humidity in a home to be between 30-50%.

 The key to finding mold is to follow the moisture. Where did it originate from and migrate to? The use of an infrared camera and moisture meter is  the best way to determine where current moisture issues are located. Also, look for other foot prints such as, water staining, paint peeling, buckling and separation of building materials, and unusual substances. These footprints are indications of water damage where a high percentage of the time mold sources are located. 

 If you have or had a water problem in your home, keep in mind that it is critical to dry it within 24 hours. The drying process is extremely important. Drying is an art and a science. If there is a large volume of water then it would be appropriate to have a professional company perform the drying. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicates certain molds have the ability to grow within 24 to 48 hours; if not properly dried mold will grow.  Mold can be very elusive, typically molds can be hidden behind walls, cabinets, furniture and under carpets. Furthermore, mold can be difficult to identify, as many times it can be transparent and/or can grow in many different forms and colors (black, green, brown, yellow, white, etc…).

Fox Inspections offers  consultations without sampling (investigation,moisture mapping, ask for details)  $375 for our Standard Mold Inspection with Mold testing. This includes 2 indoor samples. It costs $50 for each additional sample requested, which often is not necessary. When we believe extra samples are necessary, 99% of the time it never more than 1-2 extra samples. But ultimately the choice is yours whether to pay for additional samples if we believe they are even necessary in the first place.