When Selling My Home, Why Do I Need an Inspection?

Know what you are selling! Don't let an unknown defect cancel or delay your sales contract. Earn top dollar, and avoid costly mistakes.


Although the A/C and heating unit was fine, the sealant used for this duct work would have worked if applied properly. Further inspection revealed that all of the air was going into the attic along with higher energy bills.

The Home was Built Just a Few Years Ago; Do I Still Need an Inspection?
Definitely! Unfortunately, most newer properties have more defects than structures built 20 years ago.


Due to cost cutting and lack of quality workmanship found in newer home construction, the need for an inspection is absolutely necessary.

This $565,000 new construction home above had improperly installed ridge vents, faucets that didn't work, toilets improperly installed, and a pool heater missing a gas line... and more defects. The builder representative stated their quality control is the best in the business (?)