What Is Covered In a Home or Condo Inspection?

Fox Inspections provides a thorough inspection and detailed report including:

~Grounds ~Heating
~Foundation ~A/C
~Roof ~Attic
~Interior ~Most Appliances
~Exterior ~Electrical
~Plumbing ~Pool and Spa


*Pest inspections performed by one of Brevard's most experienced pest inspectors.

Sorry, we do not offer a $99.95 inspection. The cost of an inspection will depend upon the property's square footage, the age and type of construction as well as any requested services.

Typically the starting prices are as follows:

Condominiums $175.00
Average 3BR/2BA Home with WDO $375.00 
3000 SQ FT with pool+ WDO $450.00
Add on 4-POINT $25.00
Add on Wind Mitigation $75.00

Within a few days you will receive a detailed report that includes photos that easily show any items in question. Payment due at time of inspection. Fox Inspections will not engage in any repairs or cost estimation.

Is my home inspection an insurance inspection?
No, the home inspection is for your benefit and describes the condition of all aspects of your home. The insurance carrier may ask for a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a 4 POINT Inspection or a Roof Condition Certification Form or all 3.

Following the natural disasters of 2005 and failure of many insurance companies, the insurance industry has demanded some of these types of inspections to minimize their risk.  Prior to April 2010, the Wind Mitigation Inspection form could have saved the home owner hundreds in premiums. No longer are most of these savings available with the new form and construction verification requirements.

A 4-POINT Inspection is a description and evaluation of the Electrical, HVAC, ROOF and PLUMBING, for homes over 25 years old in a format accepted by the insurance company.  Preferably with no defects, most of the time corrections are needed and re-inspected for a (good) 4 POINT report for the inspection company. Older homes are generally built well, but may have unsafe electrical or other defects requiring correction before Insurance can be obtained.

A Roof Condition Certification Form may be requested on older homes with older roofs. This form is used to verify the roof covering will last at least 3-5 years. If your inspection reveals a new roof covering is needed, your coverage may be denied or limited until replaced.

FOX INSPECTIONS is fully licensed, trained and accredited to provide these reports if needed, usually with the data collected at the original inspection (re-inspections are needed to verify corrections). These insurance requirements can be discussed at the time of your home inspection or afterwards (no need to order or pay for inspections you may not need).

Fox Inspections is currently certified to perform air quality (MOLD) testing if needed. Ask about these services if air quality is a concern.   IAC2 CERTIFIED #IAC2-02-0015