Know what you are investing in!

A Fox Inspection can not only save you thousands of dollars, but can also give you peace of mind!

Wiring in this attic was stacked with storage items, which created this fire hazard!

At Fox Inspections we put things into view, address major issues and place minor topics into perspective.

A sliding foundation caused this wall to separate from the ceiling. Soil erosion caused by a faulty gutter system could have caused this major structural damage!

~Kevin L. Investment Buyer: "I found a property that I know needed some work, and Michael J explained items that neither the seller nor I were aware of. After negotiating, we were both satisfied with the results"!

~Tracy D. Multi-Million Realtor: "When I'm using Fox Inspections, I am certain that my client is receiving a quality inspection and personal service. This makes the buying process more comfortable".

~Patti W. Real Estate Closing Agent: " Fox Inspections gives a detailed report and answers questions for buyers that make property closings less stressful. It is a pleasure working with Michael J.!"

*Additional References are Availible Upon Request