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Fox Inspections has been a full time inspection company for over 10 years; not a General Contractor trying to earn extra cash. This is not a side job, this is our business.  There is a perfect house for you, and you will know it when you find it. There is no such thing as a "perfect" house as far as defects or issues are concerned. I have performed thousands of home inspections in Brevard County and surrounding areas and have yet to find a defect free house. All houses have some defect or characteristic that may, or may not, be an issue to you. This is why you need a home inspection. Finding and educating you about those issues is what Fox Inspections is all about.  It is more than just an inspection, it is an education. I take pride in not only inspecting your house, but also educating my clients about the house and its components. I do not have to find a defect or issue to educate my clients about the house, system, or components.

With a Fox Inspection we you receive more than a report! RELIABLE , PERSONAL SERVICE!

Michael J Fox

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For over 10 years Fox Inspections strives to "Boldly go where most inspectors won't or can't go!"

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